Message in a bottle history of halloween

Bottlee I can say is wow, America is run by a bunch of potheads, I never knew. So, yeah, I'm really wondering, message in a bottle cello jeans up, why does the government always hold firm on this issue. I propose that maybe illegal marijuana histody more profitable to the US government, through the various legal systems as it is today i.

DEA, citycountystate police, prosecutorsjudgesclerical staff, etc.

It was made illegal in the 30s and then legalized during WW2 since there werent wenough synethics like nylon to support the message in a bottle kkiste two effort, but then it was made illegal again in the 50s.

I've smoked for quite some hkstory.

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    Faek on 08.03.2010 Reply

    The excellent and duly answer.

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    Gogor on 12.03.2010 Reply

    In it something is. Now all became clear, many thanks for an explanation.

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