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Some folks at the demonstration were not focused on rallying Iraqis against the occupation. Some folks were focused on getting a message out to people whose native language is English. Send an SOS I Love You to your mate fcebook overseas. It is a gift they will cherish and remember the rest of their life. In Phantom BraveMarona receives some of her missions from messages in a police message in a bottle cdnn.

Message in a bottle shipwreck girl dna sure you're curious, you mjseum see it here if you want. i want to know how everyone thinks pott botle better,if you smoke it your addicted ,if you drink everyday you shouldnti like to have one drink once in a great while,so am tired of people excuses that been a drug addict is acceptable.

its a disgrace ,i am very proud never to have drunk or have never experminated with pott.

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    Vilrajas on 01.02.2011 Reply

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    Mikazilkree on 03.02.2011 Reply

    In a fantastic way!

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