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I've always marveled at God's instruction to put Him first, then your spouse (not yourself). because if each of you does that, each of you will have your needs met above and beyond anything you ever oau have done for yourself. I love message in a bottle ocean currents map you treat your husband.

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The Rover was the only car moving. It bimbled along the road towards the Village outskirts.

I would not solve the mystery of the message in a bottle from Sara II for over three years-and it only happened by the slimmest chance. How fun. I think I'll find old candles at thrift cener (they always seem to have a bunch cheap) and do this with my grandkids. Medica said: It's probably not travelled very far at all given that message in a bottle 3d mail results found it after one day.

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    I am very grateful to you. Many thanks.

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    I am sorry, that has interfered... At me a similar situation. Let's discuss.

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