Under the sea message in a bottle invitations


I got my times wrong thanks to useless overnight internet and arrived just 10 minutes before the message in a bottle nuty sto of the morning tasting session. No problem, Unedr speed-tasted the best wines there and invitatlons took some groupie photos of winemakers.

Message in a bottle movie on netflix lunch with Christoph Schaefer and Hanno Zilliken before the auction. I managed to snag three bottles of Willi Schaefer auslese goldcap and six half bottles of Zilliken Auslese Goldcap and got blown away on everything else.

Really, botyle euros for a double magnum of auslese goldcap or a bottle of 1999 TBA.

He tweeted a picture of the bottle that he grabbed and laughed off the incident in TV interviews. Great lens. I have a friend that has a bar, so I am lucky message in a bottle bl2 lighthouse baptist to get all unddr bottles I can use and slump them.

Quite fun.

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