Cute message in a bottle sayings

Someone who can love and cherish you the way a lover should rather than depending on crumbs from a dying feeling which is better hottle buried. In his letter, the fisherman wrote bottel, I hope you are as thrilled to receive this letter as I was when I found your bottle and I hope we'll receive more answers when I return the bottle to the sea.

Message in a bottle favours or favors told Terra he followed the instructions in her note, returned her message to the bottle and added one of his own, asking others to do the same, if they find it.

Sayints most celebrated message ever sent concerned a young sailor in 1784, Chunosuke Matsuyama, who was stranded on a coral reef, devoid of food and water after his boat was shipwrecked. Before his death, he carved the account of what had happened on a piece of wood, then sealed the message in a bottle. In 1935, 150 years after it had been set afloat, it washed up in the small seaside messsage in Message in a bottle rmxp where Matsuyama had been born.

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