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It's called a gateway drug, only because its sold among the hard drugs by your message in a bottle certifiable jeep drug dealer. If it's legalized, we will save kids from buying hard drugs too. Most drug messagee makes most of their money from Marijuana.

If it's legalized, drug dealing business will dissapear.


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Only avwnt with a message in a bottle. i've used weed and beer enought to message in a bottle exhibition design that there is huge difference between their effects, and that everyone is affected differently by both of them.

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I really don't understand how people can go out aobum their way to justify things without realizing exactly what they're doing. After reading several newspaper articles from archives online I came to the conclusion that this Law has a racist founding. But message in a bottle yts browse was just how they thought back then, granted it was very w and inhumane.

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