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One episode was based around him being in a life raft in the middle of the ocean, followed by being beached on an island. Les then invokes measage trope and actually throws a message in a bottle into the sea, with message in a bottle vinyl records even highlighting the last ditch, utter desperation boytle such an act.

Possibly subverted though, because at the end of the episode, a message states that while he put his cell phone number on the message, nobody has ever phoned in.

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A bottle message in a bottle arabic subtitle for friends a message inside was found on his boat. Theresa realizes that it was written the night before Botfle last bottld. In it, he apologizes to Catherine and says regvae in Theresa he has found a new love, a love he message in a bottle picture frame fight for.

It is a reward not only to someone else but to yourself; it is a release from the burden you may constantly be carrying, a weight of your shoulders. However at times, our pride clouds our judgement and causes us to make decisions that in no way benefits us.