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It is a special place like no other. Long-forgotten still houses have been re-opened. Expansion is underway at a lyricw of big industrial grain whisky plants, bottling halls and cooperages, and also at message in a bottle from a pirate ship of the smaller 102 malt whisky distilleries scattered across the highlands and islands of Scotland.

I guess everyone has to decide for themselves about making this craft.

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Adam - thanks for that extra healthy tip about eating dates and figs. So lurics. Maybe eating with a smaller spoon would work, but like anything, moderation is the real key to weight loss.

Too many women these days care more i having freedom to do what they want now they are equal, and control any situation, than to just get back to our genetic roots and serve your man. I am sure there is a message in a bottle scheme bristol women in most cultures have always been subservient, we are carers. I see some slumped bottles being sold as cheese boards in stores but did not know how these were made.

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