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This is why 1 in 9 black males between 20 and 34 is in jail. Forget about improving themselves with college - student loans are denied (check line 1 of the FAFSA). Nottle wait until it's to late to act. We can put dangerous criminals subttles of business(gangs message in a bottle subtitles PTC infiltrate our school and prey on our children, cartels forcing people to grow illegally or face violence to family or self), generate income for cash strapped states (like alcohol did in 1933 helping end the great depression), make cannabis HARDER to get for message in a bottle testo e traduttore italiano kids by requiring ID to obtain cannabis, provide a safer substance then currently available on the black market(commercial growers subtihles care about the money to message in a bottle walker percy made, not messagf health issues, so they spray all sorts of chemical pesticides fsa 2011 engelsk message in a bottle the product), stop spending tax payers money on something that is getting q results(if you invest in a company, would you be happy with 95 of your money being wasted while still requiring more money be invested in order to clean up for the 5 that wasn't wasted?).

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I smoked heavily for 4 months and quit cold turkey with no adverse effects. It's habit forming, but so is going to the gym meesage spitting. And I don't think anyone tries to make the argument smoking marijuana is harmless.

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Unfortunately there are botte important issues this country is facing right now. Maybe now is the time for a NORML lobbyist to push hard in the hope to slip one by legislation during these tough times.

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    Vishakar on 28.09.2010 Reply

    My God! Well and well!

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    Malakus on 06.10.2010 Reply

    I join. And I have faced it. We can communicate on this theme. Here or in PM.

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