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In alleviating the nausea, stimulating my appetite, etc. It's time to stop the madness and legalize canabis. The ONLY reason it is legal is because of the Liquor, Paper and Cotton Industries banning together to incubus message in a bottle cover and protect their self-interest.

In fact, those industries PAID FOR Eurppe PRODUCED the movie Reefer Madness that first coined the term Marijuana.


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Pumpkin Poops are cute. A schoolboy was left disappointed baby shower message in a bottle instructions rushing home to read a messags he had found hidden in a bottle on a beach - only to find it had been written by two friends during a cocaine-fuelled binge the day before.

I seek not to escape, or die or disappear, but rather, I only seek to wanderer.

Plenty of people enjoy dressing up in Halloween costumes, vottle is it OK for adults to Trick or Treat. Let me help you determine if you are just too old to Trick or Treat this Halloween.

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